Mining houses fail because of high overhead costs, debt, finance, lack of control over commodity prices and non-compliance, most mines do not have the Zambesi business model, the ownership, participation, management and overall ability to lead, guide, and influence operation profitability.

Gold backed crypto currencies fail because they either fail to create commercial value or fail to maintain commercial value. Some coins/tokens are just scams, but one of the biggest reasons are failure to make business plans or they have a moderate to non-existent business plan which leads to a loss of attraction and a lack of sustainability.


Cost efficiency goes all the way back to the basics: First things first by keeping the main thing the main thing. Each asset should contribute to the profitability of the business and not subsidise other assets while innovatively using disruptive finance methods to reduce the cost of debt.


The Gold Custodian Trust is the gate keeper of the vault where the physical bullion gets stored. The token holders are the beneficiaries of the custodian trust. By implementing this structure, the token holders are guaranteed that the gold will always increase in quantity and value without the risk of it being encumbered or jeopardised.


The amount of gold deposited into the vault each month, will always increase. No gold will be encumbered or withdrawn, except if the equal number of tokens are withdrawn from circulation and burned.