Zambesi Gold (Pty) Ltd is a mining company specialising in the acquisition and development of selected mining assets. This thriving business is backed by real gold, real people and real mining operations combined with real value.


The team is headed by the CEO, Koos Van Straaten, arguably the best turn around mining specialist in Africa with 40 years of personal mining experience supported by an extremely competent team of mining experts.


Zambesi Gold signifies an agreement between the Zambesi Token and its investors that no fractional lending will take place. The number of tokens will be fixed, preventing inflation, therefore a token's value will increase irrespective of the demand for the token or the gold price. The amount of gold backing for each token adds a corresponding monthly increase. The Zambesi Token, just like real gold is perfectly divisible, with historic and inherent value projected for the future. Similar to gold, the immutability of blockchain and the implementation of smart contracts ensure your ownership securely and transparently. The Zambesi Gold standard is a monetary system backed by the value of physical gold.


Liquidity will be provided through an exchange mechanism that will allow a token holder to redeem his proportionate ownership of the gold held in trust.


The redeemed tokens will be burned (removed from circulation), creating more value for the remaining token holders.

“Gold is not called a precious metal for nothing, it’s got soul.”
Koos van Straaten CEO

Mining houses fail because of high overhead costs, debt, finance, lack of control over commodity prices and non-compliance. Most mines do not have the Zambesi business model, the ownership, participation, management and overall ability to lead, guide, and influence operation profitability.

Gold backed crypto currencies sometimes fail because it cannot create commercial value nor maintain it. Some coins/tokens are just scams. One of the major reasons for failure, is the lack of a business plan or having an average business plan which leads to less interest and productivity.


Cost efficiency goes all the way back to the basics: First things first by keeping the main thing the main thing. Each asset should contribute to the profitability of the business and not subsidise other assets while innovatively using disruptive finance methods to reduce the cost of debt.


The Gold Custodian Trust is the gate keeper of the vault where the physical bullion gets stored. The token holders are the beneficiaries of the custodian trust. By implementing this structure, the token holders are guaranteed that the gold will always increase in quantity and value without the risk of it being encumbered or jeopardised.


The amount of gold deposited into the vault each month, will always increase. No gold will be encumbered or withdrawn, except if the equal number of tokens are withdrawn from circulation and burned.

Vision of Zambesi Gold

To succeed where others have failed! To lead the transition in mining assets becoming fully backed digital assets.